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From The Hunt for Red October to Jurassic Park to In the Mouth of Madness to Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Sam Neill has spent much of his life entertaining people. Is the New Zealand actor going to allow a little thing like a global pandemic stop that streak? He is not! Over the past month, Neill has released a series of increasingly bizarre videos designed to both encourage followers to stay at home and give them something to watch while they are self-isolating. Here, in chronological order, are the best so far.

March 18: Sam washes his shoes

The self-isolating actor begins his series of videos by revealing that he spent the previous day washing his sneakers. How clean are they? Clean enough to smell, apparently.

March 20: Sam sings Randy Newman

The Jurassic Park star breaks out his ukulele to perform a creditable version of Newman's song "Dayton, Ohio - 1903."

March 22: Sam drinks wine

After admitting that he doesn't approve of people drinking on his own ("I think wine is all about conviviality and conversation and good food and good times") Neill pours four glasses of his own Two Paddocks pinot noir and decides to Skype some pals for a party.

March 26: Neill reads AA Milne

The actor recites a pair of poems by the creator of Winnie the Pooh and reveals that he suffered from a bad stutter as a child.

March 26: Sam sings Radiohead

The actor performs the British quintet's breakthrough hit "Creep." "I love Radiohead so much," says Neill. "And I love that song, and it's for all the people, like me, that weren't in the first fifteen [rugby team], we weren't in the cheerleader squad, we just wanted to be special." Aw...

March 30: Sam annoys a cat

Neill introduces a cat named Boo and then annoys it.

April 1: Das Leek

Neill collaborates — remotely — with fellow actor Steven Weber in a punning short film. (Note: the pair worked together on the short-lived ABC drama Happy Town.)

April 3: Das Bad

Neill has appeared in a clutch of great horror movies: Possession, In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon. But not of them quite boasted the level of queasy terror to be found in this short film about the actor's discovery that he is sharing a bath with Matrix franchise star Hugo Weaving.

April 6: Sam reads AA Milne #2

Neill recites another Milne poem and also reveals that he rented a house once owned by the writer when the actor was making Event Horizon. The more you know!

April 7: Sam sings Bill Withers

Neill pays tribute to the late singer by crooning his classic song "Lean on Me."

April 7: Sam talks to a gnome #1

Neill enters a whole new artistic phase, chatting to (and voicing) a garden gnome.

April 7: Sam sings Marianne Faithfull

The New Zealander pays tribute to the coronavirus-stricken Marianne Faithfull by performing Shel Silverstein's "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan," a track unforgettably tackled by Faithfull on her classic 1979 collection Broken English.

April 7: Sam talks to a gnome #2

Neill's new friend schools the actor about social-distancing.

April 10: Sam talks to a gnome #3

Neill discovers that the gnome's name is Gerald ("Sir Gerald to you!").

April 10: Sam talks to a gnome #4

Neill gives Sir Gerald a hot cross bun.

April 10: Sam Neill talks to a gnome #5

Sir Gerald asks Neill to "hook him up" and reveals that he has been single for 800 years.

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