"Jane, Jane," Moreno says, "It's too f---ing late."

If 80 for Brady is half as fun as the press tour has been, we've got a hit.

The four legendary ladies starring in the sports comedy — Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin — stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and things got predictably out of hand.

Turns out you can't take a group of ladies with 300 years of kicking ass between them anywhere —especially not a locker room.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob7Feo-_PBw Sally Field & Rita Moreno Attended Jane Fonda's Workout Class In The '80s The Kelly Clarkson Show 2.29M subscribers Subscribe 1.4K Share Download 77,516 views Jan 23, 2023 #LilyTomlin #KellyClarksonShow #JaneFonda "80 for Brady" stars Sally Field and Lily Tomlin dish on their athletic backgrounds, and Sally reacts to an amazing throwback cheerleading photo from before her days as "Gidget." Sally and fellow co-star Rita Moreno also reminisce about attending Jane Fonda's original workout classes in the San Fernando Valley before knowing each other, and Jane admits she doesn't remember Rita being there. Jane and Rita also debate who's the funniest out of the "80 for Brady" group. #KellyClarksonShow #SallyField #RitaMoreno #LilyTomlin #JaneFonda Subscribe to The Kelly Clarkson Show: https://bit.ly/2OtOpf8
Jane Fonda remembers Sally Field — but not Rita Moreno — taking her aerobics class
| Credit: NBC

After asking any of the fab four if they played sports when they were younger, Clarkson segued into a question about Jane Fonda's iconic workouts. Field, Moreno, and Tomlin all did them — as did a sizable chunk of America — but Field and Moreno actually attended her classes in-person in California's San Fernando Valley.

"Do you remember me?" Moreno asked Fonda, who deadpanned, "No." She did, however, remember Field. Moreno then demonstrates the acting chops that landed her an EGOT by pretending to get up to leave.

"You are memorable!" Fonda reassures her costar.

"Jane, Jane," Moreno responds, "It's too f---ing late."

Next thing you know, Clarkson is asking who's the flirtiest, and we've landed in a full-blown Golden Girls episode — thankfully. Moreno recalls being asked by Fonda onset one day what she thought about sex, but the 90-year-old West Side Story actress demurred, saying she was over it. But then about a week later, they're filming a scene in a locker room and that story went flying out the west, east, and just about every side.

"In the locker room are these amazing, amazing people. The guys in the movie," Moreno says. "We're entering the room and to my absolute amazement — I have to stand up for this — to my absolute amazement, I swear to God, I take a deep breath and ... I say to myself, 'Pheromones.' And then I'm talking to myself, I go, 'You're 90, for God's sake, you're 90.'"

"You're alive!" Clarkson reminded her.

"And you know, I know now," Moreno continued, "somewhere in here, there's a little ovary saying, 'Everybody up!'"

If this was The Golden Girls, Rita Moreno would obviously be the Blanche and this conversation would be taking place in the middle of night around a chocolate cheesecake. Though, ironically, Rita Moreno was on an episode of The Golden Girls, a backdoor pilot for what eventually became Empty Nest. But alas, with the end of Grace and Frankie, 80 for Brady will have to sate the national appetite for seniors bantering about sex.

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