The film costars Sophie Stevens and Ludovic Hughes.
Credit: Dread

Back in the '80s and '90s, Barbara Crampton starred in a string of HP Lovecraft adaptations, including 1985's Re-Animator and the following year's From Beyond, both of which were directed by the late Master of Horror Stuart Gordon. Now, the actress has returned to HP territory with Sacrifice, which — although inspired by Paul Kane's short story "Men of the Cloth" — has a very Lovecraftian vibe.

"It's my lot in life, I guess, to be in every Lovecraftian movie possible!" the actress, whose many other genre credits include You're Next, We Are Still Here, and Beyond the Gates, tells EW.

The new film stars Sophie Stevens and Ludovic Hughes as Emma and Isaac, an American couple who travel to the remote Norwegian village of Isaac's birth to claim an unexpected inheritance. Crampton portrays the local police officer.

"I am the sheriff of the island that we're all on," says the actress. "There was a young boy who left with his mother many many years ago and he has come back to reclaim her residence with his pregnant wife. There are some secrets that we've all kept that get revealed over the course of the story — a sacrifice must be made!"

Credit: Dread

The Bay Area-based actress worked hard to sound as Norwegian as possible.

"We have a Scandinavian school in San Francisco," she says. "I had somebody come to my house for about two months and work with me on the accent. I thought, well, this woman hasn't left the island in many years, so it was my thinking that if she was Norwegian, she had to be Norwegian as f---."

Writer-directors Andy Collier and Tor Mian shot the film in Norway itself.

"It was so cool," says Crampton. "We stayed at the base of a fjord. I'd never seen fjords before. It was really magical. Mostly it was just wide open spaces there. Even the towns we were near, they were very small."

Credit: Dread

Crampton recently shot a segment for season 2 of Shudder's anthology show Creepshow, whose executive producer, famed make-up effects artist Greg Nicotero, worked on From Beyond.

"We've known each other through the business for 30-odd years," she says. "From Beyond was one of his first movies and it was one of my first movies, so it was really fun to come full circle with that."

Sacrifice costars Dag Sorlie, Erik Iundin, Jack Kristiansen, Johanna Adde Dahl, and Lukas Loughran. The film is produced by Andy Collier, Ross Scaife, Sean Knopp, and Tor Mian and is distributed by Dread.

Sacrifice will premiere in select theaters Feb. 5 and on demand Feb. 9. The film will be released on Blu-ray Feb. 23.

Exclusively watch the trailer for Sacrifice below.

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