Watch Reynolds' The Rock impression for Jimmy Fallon.

Ryan Reynolds may not be able to physically break the human "Rock" that is Dwayne Johnson, but he does know how to make him break — as in laugh.

The Deadpool and Free Guy actor probably would've been on The Tonight Show this week promoting his Netflix movie Red Notice, also starring Johnson and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, but the coronavirus shut down production a little more than halfway through. So, instead, Reynolds told host Jimmy Fallon about his secret to cracking up the former WWE superstar.

"I'm guessing we might've finished the movie if we didn't spend 90 percent of the time dicking around, laughing," Reynolds said. "I've known Dwayne for like 15 years. So, we tend to spend time trying to make each other laugh, which is a really irresponsible thing to do with Netflix, their money."

The key is to "parrot back" Johnson's lines "27 percent faster with a swear word at the end." Cut to Reynolds offering up his Dwayne Johnson impression. Once that happens, "he's gone," the actor said of his costar. "He leaves the room and he never comes back."

Red Notice sees Johnson playing "a totally normal-sized F.B.I. agent" opposite Reynolds as a con artist and Gadot in a mystery role. Reynolds shared snapshots from the set, one of which captured one of their laughing fits that he spoke of. "This year, we fulfilled a lifelong dream: shooting exactly half a film called RED NOTICE before being promptly shut down," he captioned the pic.

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