"They'll ask how J.Lo is — 'great, good' — get my pizza and off I'll go."

Ask Ryan Reynolds about J.Lo — or don't.

During a recent appearance on the Dear Hank & John Podcast, Reynolds revealed he gets mistaken for a certain actor at his local New York pizza joint. Only, it's probably not the actor you'd think.

"There's a pizza place in the East Village in New York that I've been going to for years," Reynolds said on the podcast. "They believe I'm Ben Affleck and I've never corrected them."

When one of the hosts pointed out this kind of situation could become a problem if it's not addressed quickly enough, Reynolds agreed, quipping he felt like "it would not go over well" if he actually admitted he wasn't the Boston-bred Affleck.

Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck
Ryan Reynolds lets his local pizza parloe believe he's Ben Affleck.
| Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

However, Reynolds also made it clear that although he plays along, he doesn't use the mistaken identity to his advantage.

"I don't accept anything ― like they're not giving me free pizza based on this factor," he explained. "I do everything normal, just like everyone else. They just think I'm Ben Affleck. They'll ask how J.Lo is — 'great, good' — get my pizza and off I'll go."

It may seem random to mistake Reynolds for Affleck, but it's not the first time they've been mixed up. In 2015, a fan asked on Twitter if anyone could tell the two apart. Reynolds, of course, had fun at the fan's expense, quote-tweeting it and saying, "Mom, please get off Twitter. Now."

"What I think makes it believable is I look mildly sort of put out that they're asking me this again about my life and the movies," Reynolds said about his pizza parlor situation. "When I leave, I think they're like, 'I don't think Ben Affleck is amused by us and our questions.'"

The hosts joked that he was now ruining Affleck's reputation. They also discussed another mistaken identity issue concerning that other Ryan — a far more common occurrence.

"Years ago, I used to play fast and loose a little bit more on Twitter. These days, I'm a little bit more reserved," he said in response to a fan question about getting the two mixed up, recalling how he once answered the question on Twitter.

"I said, and I would never say this today, 'Well, the difference is easy to spot. Ryan Gosling has blond hair and Ryan Reynolds is a c---," Reynolds shared. But he insisted that as much as he has fun ribbing people about the mix-up, there were some things that should remain solely Gosling's — like The Notebook.

"That would have failed horrendously," Reynolds joked about starring in the popular romantic drama. "It would have been worse. I promise you. It would have been unwatchable – the theatres would have just said, 'How many walkouts today?'"

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