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Following in the hallowed footsteps of Cher and Avril Lavigne, Ryan Reynolds has become one of the latest celebs to join TikTok.

The actor and businessman made his debut on the service Wednesday with a video showing him lip-syncing to "I Swear," by All-4-One, just like his character Chris Brand did in the 2005 rom-com Just Friends.

For those in need of a refresher, Just Friends starred Reynolds as a former overweight dweeb who returns to his hometown as a successful record producer (and womanizer) and tries to extricate himself from the friend zone to woo his high school best pal and crush (Amy Smart).

In his inaugural TikTok, Reynolds digs deep for his lip-sync once again, giving the camera a sincere look and even waving his hands about to show how deeply he feels the song (or something).

"I swear you will be disappointed by this account," he captioned his video.

It's perhaps worth noting that TikTok is a sponsor of Wrexham Football Club, the Welsh soccer team that Reynolds owns with fellow actor Rob McElhenney. Reynolds' second post touted the sponsorship, showing him in a Deadpool mask with a Wrexham FC jersey sliding over his head in the photo.

"The idea that TikTok would sponsor a smaller North Walian club on the rise was too good to resist, and the TikTok team calmed my anxiety — however briefly," Reynolds recently told AdWeek. "I do think it's a great match, though, since TikTok is about joy and creativity and is a platform for underdogs."

Reynold's third TikTok post saw him ripping McElhenney's own debut video, and editing himself into it. The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor lip-syncs to Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" in his clip, and Reynolds offers responses to the lyrics, like "Nope."

"There will be no duets, @rmcelhenney," he added.

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