New trailer for comedy will be released Monday.
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These days, it is hard to say with any certainty when any of the upcoming big budget movies will be arriving on cinema screens — as the cast of the Ryan Reynolds-starring sci-fi-comedy Free Guy are well aware. The movie was set to be released on July 3 but that date was pushed to Dec. 11 because of COVID. Will the film actually come out then? That question is the springboard for a new comedic promo for the film which finds Reynolds and cast members recording voiceovers that name alternative dates.

"Free Guy, coming this Christmas," says Reynolds.

"Free Guy, coming this New Year's," says Jodie Comer.

"Free Guy, coming this Valentine's Day," says Lil Rel Howery.

And so on, with Reynolds announcing the movie is "coming before, or after, the next Olympics" while Comer says the film is "coming Halloween, but not the one that you think."

In the film, Reynolds plays a bank teller named Guy who has become acutely aware that his life is so damn dull and repetitive. Then he realizes his life isn’t really his life at all. He’s actually a character inside a videogame. And not even a hero — he’s an NPC (a.k.a. non-playable character, a.k.a. background figure). Thus begins a chase as the game’s developers try to get him back in line, while Guy fights to save the game from being shut down.

Free Guy will be released Dec. 11 (I mean, it could happen). The film's new trailer is coming tomorrow.

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