"She's a really talented, multihyphenate kind of person," Reynolds said of his missus.

Ryan Reynolds is giving credit where credit's due.

The Free Guy star revealed wife Blake Lively has penned lines for a number of his films, including in the Deadpool franchise. Reynolds made the admission on SiriusXM's Town Hall with Ryan Reynolds hosted by Jess Cagle (which airs next Tuesday) after a fan asked him the "best part about being married" to Lively "that people wouldn't expect."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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"I write on a lot of my movies," Reynolds answered. "It's been a survival mechanism for me for a long time. Sometimes I'm credited, sometimes I'm not… There's a lot of A++ writing that I've done that was actually Blake — that Blake would jump in, grab the keyboard, and 'What about this?' And I'd be like, 'That's incredible.'"

As Reynolds continued, he explained that he's tried to give his wife credit before, unsuccessfully.

"And you know, it's funny. I don't know. Maybe it's 'cause there's inherent sexism in the business — I will say that a lot of times, 'She wrote that — Blake like, wrote that not me. That was was her.' And it's like, they still, later on, repeat the story as I wrote it," Reynolds said.

It appears from the interview clip below that Cagle didn't get into specifics with Reynolds to find out which bits Lively has been responsible for (which should result in IMDB giving her a writer's page, right?), but the leading man did indeed say she's impacted Deadpool.

"So she's a really talented, multihyphenate kind of person in this, you know, weird burgoo [editor's note: stew] of an entertainment industry that we work in, and she's helped me so much — in Deadpool, all kinds of movies that have been big successes," he added. "She's always got a lot of bricks in that wall."

Cagle did chime in as Reynolds wrapped up his answer shouting out Lively's baking skills, which Reynolds agreed are a big plus, before adding a very Ryan Reynold's-y addition.

"Well, I mean, it is an obvious perk, which, you know, [I'm] not complaining about that, or the sex."

Not mentioned, though, was Lively's A++ trolling game (like when she gave her husband grief — online — for not letting her meet Brad Pitt on the Deadpool 2 set).

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