By Tyler Aquilina
July 10, 2020 at 02:22 PM EDT

"Welcome to the new age" would be an apt tagline for Radioactive, the new biopic starring Rosamund Pike as Marie Curie, whose pioneering work included groundbreaking research into radioactivity. The new trailer for the film highlights many of the real-life accomplishments by Curie and her husband Pierre (played by Sam Riley), while also previewing the biopic's dramatic take on her life.

"Science is changing," Pike's Curie intones at the beginning of the trailer. "And the people who are running science are the people who believe the world is flat. And I'm going to prove them wrong."

She did indeed: Curie became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, and later the first person to win it twice. Her accomplishments included the discovery of the elements radium and polonium, and conducting the first studies into the treatment of cancer using radiation. The film, helmed by Oscar-nominated director Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) explores these achievements as well as Curie's relationship with her husband and her affair with her colleague Paul Langevin (Dunkirk's Aneurin Barnard). Anya Taylor-Joy also stars as the Curies' daughter Irene.

Radioactive arrives on Amazon Prime Video July 24. You can watch the trailer above.

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