Her beauty rendered him speechless back in the day. We get it.

Everyone who's anyone should have their own Sharon Stone story. Rob Morrow has one, and he's ready to share it.

In 1996, Morrow was cast opposite Stone in Last Dance, a movie about a death row inmate who was convicted of double murder. That killer was Stone, who was taking more serious roles at the time after appearing in Casino and The Quick and the Dead. Morrow played her clemency lawyer, Rick Hayes, who tried to argue that his client was high on coke when she committed the murders in her youth.

Rob Morrow and Sharon Stone in 'Last Dance'
| Credit: Everett Collection

The movie was largely panned, partially because it was released a year after Sean Penn's Oscar-nominated turn as a death row inmate in Dead Man Walking and partially because, well, the splendiferous Stone as a hard con. But Morrow always had a "soft spot" for the movie, according to a post on his Facebook page Tuesday.

"Most of my friends said it wasn't good," Morrow wrote. "The story deals w/redemptoin, which can be a hard pill for many of us to swallow, but essential for hope & progress."

Yeah, yeah. But what was it like working with the Sharon Stone?

"Every day, inches from @sharonstone I would get lost in her sublime beauty, often forgetting my lines," Morrow wrote. "The great director @bruceberesford, sympathetic to my rapture, would give me a little poke and in his Aussie accent, he would whisper, 'Rob, snap out of it, mate.'"

Last Dance, which also starred Randy Quaid and Peter Gallagher, only pulled in $5.9 million worldwide and earned Stone a Razzie Award. But it was so groundbreaking! When was the last time you saw a woman executed in a form-fitting house dress?

Check out the clip of that below.

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