More than two decades after his last movie role, the Ghostbusters and Spaceballs star makes a rare TV appearance.
Rick Moranis
Credit: Disney Plus

It's been years — decades, really — since Rick Moranis, the beloved actor of the '80s and '90s, appeared on the big screen. 1996's Big Bully marked his last physical movie role and everything since has been through voice work. Even his 2018 episode of The Goldbergs was a voice cameo. That's what makes his appearance on Disney+'s Prop Culture so notable.

Moranis returned to the limelight for season 1, episode 5 of the streaming platform original series that goes behind the stories of some of cinema's most iconic props. The installment was dedicated to 1989's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, which Walt Disney will be expanding with another sequel called Shrunk.

Funny enough, Moranis had some thoughts about a reboot to the movie that he shared on Prop Culture. "If [Honey, I Shrunk the Kids] were made today, it would be made very differently, probably just with green screen and computer-generated stuff," he said.

Moranis will now reprise his role of Wayne Szalinski, the kooky scientist who accidentally shrunk his own children and lost them in the backyard in the original movie, in Shrunk. Josh Gad, Frozen's Olaf voice actor and Beauty and the Beast's live-action LeFou, will play Wayne's grown-up son Nick, who repeats his father's mistake by shrinking his own kids.

So much of the magic from the 1989 classic sparked from director Joe Johnston, Moranis continued. "He had the vision of this in his head. And on that movie, I was really an actor. I think I drove him crazy a couple of times trying to get more comedy into it 'cause I was always looking for how to disrupt and get some more jokes in, and poor Joe just wanted to make his movie."

Johnston will actually return to direct Shrunk, which, one might guess, attributed to Moranis' decision to make a comeback after all this time.

The Prop Culture episode is currently available to watch on Disney+. Moranis also talks about how he once kept a set of prescription prop glasses from every movie he starred in, as well as the trend of wearing all those funny helmets in sci-fi movies, including Spaceballs.

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