"I was earning millions of dollars playing the funny fat girl."

From Bridesmaids to Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson is known for being Hollywood's resident funny girl. But the actress recently admitted that when your funny girl persona is tied to your weight, it can have significant effects on your career.

"I got a lot of pushback from my team here in Hollywood, actually, when I said okay, I'm going to do this year of health... I feel like I'm going to physically transform and change my life," Wilson said in a BBC interview.

She went on to share that they didn't understand why she would want to lose weight, "because I was earning millions of dollars playing the funny fat girl."

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson
| Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

She said that her weight loss decision was less about her looks and more about her health.

"Even though I was still very confident being bigger... I knew deep down inside some of the emotional eating behavior was not healthy," the actress admitted.

As part of her dedicated commitment to change her lifestyle habits, she began a health challenge in 2020, documenting a majority of her progress online as well as opening up in personal social media posts about her struggles with food and dieting.

"I remember this was when I was at my most unhealthiest — being overweight and indulging way too much with junk food. Using food to numb my emotions," she wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo from a charity tennis tournament that was taken soon after her dad died of a heart attack. "just wanted to send out some encouragement to everyone out there struggling with weight or body issues or emotional eating. I feel you. I know what it's like. But it's never too late to start improving yourself and trying to be the best version of YOU possible."

For her part, Wilson still doesn't know why people are so obsessed with her weight — and for that matter, women's looks in general.

"I know what it's like to be essentially invisible to most people, because of not being seen as traditionally beautiful or whatever," she shared. "It's crazy to try to fit that, it's just better to just be the healthiest person."

Watch the BBC interview above.

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