Warner Bros. issues a counter statement confirming its parting ways with the Justice League actor following his December ultimatum.

Actor Ray Fisher continued his public war with DC Films and Warner Bros., posting a lengthy and strongly-worded statement via Twitter Wednesday night confirming he has been removed from the cast of the upcoming superhero film The Flash. On Thursday morning, WarnerMedia also issued a pair of its own counter statements to the actor.

The Cyborg actor had previously issued an ultimatum in December, saying he wouldn't appear in the Justice League spin-off while DC Films president Walter Hamada was still in charge. Fisher's demand came on the heels of parent company WarnerMedia seemingly parting ways with director Joss Whedon, who helmed the Justice League reshoots and Fisher accused of misconduct on the set. Whedon was set to serve as showrunner on WarnerMedia's HBO fantasy series The Nevers, but released a statement saying he was stepping down from that project in November. Fisher's complaints resulted in an internal investigation at the studio, which the actor says Hamada actively "undermined" in order to protect complicit executives. In December, WarnerMedia released a statement saying their investigation was concluded and that "remedial action" had been taken.

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In his new statement, Fisher claimed he was set to have a "much larger than a cameo" role in The Flash (denying an earlier report that had described the role as a cameo), and repeatedly slammed Hamada. In any case, The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, starts filming in April and the role of Cyborg will not be recast.

"No one, in any profession, should have to argue with their employer for their claims of abuse, racism, and discrimination to be taken up the proper chain of command," Fisher wrote. "And no one, in any position of leadership, should attempt to dissuade those wishing to report such claims from doing so."

Fisher added that he would agree to submit to a polygraph test to support his claims. "If the end of my time as Cyborg is the cost for helping bring awareness and accountability to Walter Hamada's actions–I'll pay it glady," he wrote.

Here's the full statement:

In response, WarnerMedia issued a statement obtained by EW that confirmed the studio was parting ways with the actor: "As has been previously stated, an extensive investigation was conducted by an outside law firm, led by a former federal judge who has assured WarnerMedia that there were no impediments to the investigation. Last summer, Mr. Fisher was offered the opportunity to reprise his role as Cyborg in The Flash. Given his statement that he will not participate in any film associated with Mr. Hamada, our production is now moving on. Warner Bros. remains in business with Geoff Johns who continues to produce Stargirl, Batwoman, Doom Patrol, Superman & Lois, and Titans for the studio, among other projects."

WarnerMedia chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff also issued a statement defending Hamada. The company has previously pointed out the executive was not in charge during the filming of the Justice League reshoots.

"I believe in Walter Hamada and that he did not impede or interfere in the investigation," Sarnoff said. "Furthermore, I have full confidence in the investigation's process and findings. Walter is a well-respected leader, known by his colleagues, peers, and me as a man of great character and integrity. As I said in Walter's recent deal extension announcement, I'm excited about where he's taking DC Films and look forward to working with him and the rest of the team to build out the DC Multiverse."

Whedon took over filming the 2017 box office disappointment Justice League after original director Zack Snyder stepped down following a family tragedy. Last July, Fisher went public with allegations of misconduct on the set, and later accused producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg of enabling Whedon's alleged behavior. Several online statements by the actor have since followed, with studio once issuing a pointed statement of its own, in September, suggesting Fisher was upset about his character's portrayal and that he had refused to cooperate with the studio's investigators (the actor, in turn, said the investigators were not impartial).

Fisher is set to appear in his Cyborg role one more time after having participated in Snyder's upcoming director's cut of Justice League for HBO Max. Snyder told EW that in the new footage Cyborg, "Cyborg is not too happy with what's going on with his life before he meets the Justice League, and he tends to speak his mind."

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