The No Time to Die castmates kiss and tell.

Daniel Craig and Rami Malek have no problem kissing and telling — just don't ask them to rank their make-outs.

The No Time to Die nemeses, along with costars Lea Seydoux and Lashana Lynch, and director Cary Fukunaga, sat down with EW ahead of the film's release in theaters this weekend and opened up about locking lips after their scenes together.

"I kiss lots of people," Craig explained. "It's like, I'm a very friendly guy, and I wouldn't rank anybody. That would be a terrible, terrible thing to do, to rank the best kissers. I would just... how many people could I offend? Terrible. Thousands, thousands of people."

He continued, "Listen, this story's had legs about kissing Rami; I've just been trying to give it more legs. I don't know if it's on social media. I haven't got social media, but I said I used to kiss Rami after the end of every scene. It's like no big deal."

For his part, Malek joked that he would look forward to ending scenes for that reason. "I would just rush through scenes just to get to that moment that you would get kissed. 'Cary, Cary, two takes, we're good?'" he said.

Those on-set kisses weren't the only viral Craig moments Malek wanted to share. He also explained to his costars that he foresaw Craig's introduction of the Weeknd on Saturday Night Live becoming a beloved meme because, as it turns out, he was in the audience that night.

"You don't know about this," he said to his castmates. "It's gone viral, his announcement of the Weeknd on that show, and it's done so flawlessly that people pick it up because it's unusual in the best way. It's so unique. I was there that night in the audience watching it. I thought to myself at that moment, I looked over to my partner, and I said, 'I think that's the best introduction of a band I've ever heard on SNL and apparently...'"

"You were right," Craig concluded.

The film, which hits theaters Friday, is famously Craig's last outing as 007. No Time to Die, which also stars Ana de Armas, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, and Ben Whishaw, follows Bond in semi-retirement as he's drawn back into international intrigue at the request of his CIA friend, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright). The mission puts Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain, portrayed by Malek, armed with a dangerous new technology.

Watch the video with the No Time to Die cast above.

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