"I think it's a Marvel Cinematic secret," the actress nervously told the Jimmy Kimmel Live host.

It's a pretty known rule that if you're a Marvel actor, you're sworn to the vault of secrets that come with being a part of the franchise. But for those who are new to the universe, sometimes the intensity of secrets can be overwhelming — and Black Widow actress Rachel Weisz experienced this firsthand during an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday.

When introducing the Oscar-nominated actress ahead of her interview, Kimmel announced that Weisz plays Melina Vostokoff in Marvel's upcoming Black Widow. When Weisz appeared on Zoom, she looked thrown off at the reveal.

"I think we're not allowed to say Melina's second name," the actress told Kimmel. "I think we're prohibited from saying Melina's second name. I think it's a Marvel Cinematic secret."

When Kimmel asked if it was really a secret that he just ruined, a visibly shaken Weisz admitted "I believe so."

Kimmel smoothed over the awkwardness by asking Weisz about her daughter and how she's been coping during the pandemic. And he did manage to get Weisz to give up some information about her mysterious character — namely that Melina is a highly skilled Black Widow spy and scientist who speaks 25 languages and has a pig farm. But he circled back to Marvel's intense spoiler culture and his gaffe when he asked if the studio had given her any rules about what to talk about.

Weisz admitted that there was a list, but that she lost it. "The one thing I do remember is — I know the big spoilers which I'm obviously not going to say — my character's second name is like —," Weisz then mimed sealing her lips shut.

"That's out there. That's public knowledge," Kimmel answered, referring to the beginning of the interview, before joking that maybe she should have kept the list. In response, Weisz threw her hands up and reached for her drink, clearly defeated.

Black Widow
Credit: Marvel Studios

Kimmel also joked about pandemic scheduling and how it means that Weisz's film will come out before the next James Bond film which stars her husband, Daniel Craig. (No Time To Die was originally supposed to premiere in Apil 2020, before Black Widow.) Weisz revealed that the cast, including director Cate Shortland and Marvel head Kevin Feige, had a secret "summit" meeting where they discussed when Black Widow would release and how Feige mentioned Bond as another film that was being released around the same time.

"I was thinking, maybe [Kevin] doesn't know I'm married to Daniel," Weisz said with a laugh. "And at that moment, Daniel was walking down the staircase into the kitchen and I really wanted to turn the screen around and go, 'He's right here, we can ask him!''

Black Widow arrives in theaters July 9. Watch the interview above.

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