Wilson's Orm beard is out of control in this new look at Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Patrick Wilson is looking a bit different than we expected in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

The actor seems to be modeling his Orm character off of Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away, as he now sports a wild beard, unkempt hair, and tattered pants on some unknown shore with his Aquaman sequel director, James Wan.

Wan shared an image of Wilson's new look on Instagram and mentioned Cast Away specifically.

"I found this guy @thereelpatrickwilson stranded on a desert beach, doing his Cast Away impression. #Aquaman," Wan wrote.

Atlantis prison hasn't done Orm many favors, it seems. After an attempt to launch a massive attack on the surface world in the first Aquaman, the war-hungry ruler was jailed for his crimes by his estranged half-brother Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa). But by the looks of things here, Orm could be busting out.

Patrick Wilson as Orm in 'Aquaman'
| Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

At least his abs are on point! Wilson previously teased his preparation for his Orm return by posting a shirtless photo of his workout routine. We are not complaining.

"Can Atlanteans Run? #SeeOrmRun #RunOrmRun #aquamanandthelostkingdom," Wilson wrote in a post on Instagram.

Wan recently shared new looks at Momoa's Aquaman costumes, including a new stealth suit coming in the sequel.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seems to involve a piece of Atlantean lore from the first movie about one of the seven underwater kingdoms that mysteriously vanished. Wan said the film is inspired by the 1965 Italian sci-fi horror film Planet of the Vampires.

Amber Heard and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II also return for the sequel as Mera and Black Manta, respectively.

The film is scheduled to open in theaters on Dec. 16, 2022.

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