"This is good s---."

That review from Palm Springs star Peter Gallagher is a much more succinct way of summing up the feelings of everyone who has seen Hulu's twisty new rom-com. The Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti-led indie was the talk of Sundance, both for how good it was and how it broke the festival's sales 69 cents. To coincide with Palm Springs' release, the latest installment of EW's Around the Table reunited Samberg, Milioti, Gallagher, Camila Mendes, Meredith Hagner, and J.K. Simmons to discuss their new film — and to avoid discussing their new film.

“Don’t do it, dude," Simmons begged of his I Love You, Man son when Samberg was asked to set up Palm Springs' plot. "People, don’t watch the trailer, don’t listen to anymore of this in fact." Samberg obliged, saying, “I think we all do kind of agree with that. We had so many people tell us, including at Sundance, that not knowing anything made me enjoy it so much more…I would say know as little as possible going in.”

For his part, Gallagher "can’t imagine being part of a movie that has a better place in the world we’re living in right now. I feel like it’s the greatest gift we can give audiences; it almost in a way captures what you’re feeling."

Palm Springs
Credit: Jessica Perez/Hulu

Not to go against the wishes of an Oscar-winner like Simmons, but Palm Springs follows guests Nyles (Samberg) and Sarah (Milioti) who find themselves unable to escape the longest wedding of all-time. "I always refer to it as an existential comedy," shares Milioti. "I understand that there’s a love story at the center and it is a romantic comedy, but I think sometimes when you say that or if you’re told that, even when you read it, like you go in with a certain set of expectations. I don’t know, I was just blown away by it. It’s so weird and funny and moving."

Based on the reaction at Sundance, Militoti wasn't the only one blown away. The experience is now looked back with even more fondness by the cast considering the current situation in the world. "If only we had known how special it was to be in a movie theater together," laments Hagner. Recalls Samberg from the premiere screening at the festival, "At one key moment after the audience reaction died down, I heard one clear voice go, 'Wait, what?' And I was like, 'That was it. That was the moment we were making the whole movie for.'”

The wild reception led to Palm Springs becoming a hot commodity, but breaking the Sundance acquisition record wasn't enough for Samberg and his Lonely Island-producing crew — they needed to cash out with a laugh.

"Hulu insisted on the 69 cents," jokes Samberg. "You guys know me, I’m always wheeling and dealing and negotiating. I wasn’t drinking and hiding behind a whole team of agents and lawyers…We got way more interest than we were expecting. I kept going, 'How much? Sounds good!' And then when it got high enough, we went, 'Maybe we should throw 69 cents on there so people don’t hate our guts.'” Adds Simmons: "The family is so proud."

Palm Springs
Credit: Christopher Willard/Hulu

But Samberg does have one regret about something that he didn't throw on the end: "It would have been super funny if there was like a Wild Wild West s----y song in the credits after all that."

To hear much more from the cast, including Samberg improv what that track would have sounded like, watch the full interview above.

Palm Springs is now streaming on Hulu.

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