Director Amber Sealey's film features Aleksa Palladino and Robert Patrick.
No Man of God
Elijah Wood in No Man of God
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In the based-on-real events drama No Man of God, Elijah Wood portrays FBI agent Bill Hagmaier, to whom serial killer Ted Bundy confessed his crimes while on Death Row. The film is directed by Amber Sealey, costars Luke Kirby as Bundy, and is produced by SpectreVision, the production company Wood founded in 2010 with Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller. "As it pertains to things that we do with our company, I'm never reading material thinking of myself as an actor," says Wood. "I'm only ever thinking as a producer. It was a significant way through the process that I was like, I actually do want to do this. I love Bill and I love his journey in this relationship. The film is really comprised of a series of conversations lifted in part from real conversations and then recollections from Bill of these conversations."

The real Bill Hagmaier was an invaluable resource for Sealey as she prepped and shot the film. "I became quite good friends with him," says the filmmaker. "He was wonderful and so available. I would call him and ask, 'What did this feel like?' I could ask him about the emotional stuff, the family stuff, and then all the way down to, 'What color belts would you wear?'"

The film's shoot took place following the outbreak of the pandemic. "That first week of shooting, it was crazy." says Sealey. "It was the terrible week of fires in California. It was unsafe to leave your home. The air quality was the worst color on the air quality meter. Then, there were one or two earthquakes. Obviously, the pandemic was going on. Then, just personally, my house was taken over by these ants that we've never had before. It felt like the apocalypse for sure."

No Man of God costars Aleksa Palladino and Robert Patrick and is released in theaters, on demand, and digital, Aug. 27.

Exclusively see the poster for No Man of God below and the film's trailer above.

elijah wood
No Man of God poster
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