Dazzling images on a silver screen have nothing on Kidman's iconic AMC ad.

You know that indescribable feeling you get when the lights begin to dim in the theater? Prepare to feel it for another year, as Nicole Kidman has renewed her commercial contract with AMC Theatres.

AMC CEO Adam Aron made the announcement Thursday during the theatrical company's earnings call. EW has since learned that the deal for the existing digital ad was extended, but there is no new deal to create additional spots.

"As Nicole Kidman reminds us in AMC's now iconic and revered advertising campaign, 'Given that Hollywood has great stories to tell,' it's clear that movie fans are ever so eager to enjoy those dazzling images on AMCs huge solo screens," Aron said. "Speaking of Nicole, our ad campaign was so effective that we signed her to be our spokesperson for another full year."

Kidman's now-viral commercial for the company has inspired countless memes since its debut in September 2021.

The clip sees Kidman entering an AMC movie theater by herself, proclaiming her love for "dazzling images on a huge silver screen," and relishing the fact that "somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this."

Nicole Kidman AMC Commercial
Nicole Kidman stars in an AMC commercial
| Credit: AMC Theatres

Some fans went as far as to stage live, communal recitations of the commercial's script at AMC theater screenings.

Kidman expressed shock over the ad's popularity in an interview with The Playlist, telling the outlet that her "heartbreak" segment was a "great line."

"It's so true," she said. "I mean, talk about not feeling alone, sitting in a cinema with a broken heart, and then watching something that breaks your heart again, and you go, 'I'm not alone.' Please. This must not go away. We have to have cinema."

Watch Kidman's AMC commercial above.

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