Cage fights his way out of a haunted amusement park in the insane new footage.

It's Nicolas Cage versus the equivalent of a haunted Chuck E. Cheese in the first full-length trailer for Willy's Wonderland.

EW unveiled the first footage of what appears to be some kind of twisted action-horror-comedy hybrid back in October, but the new preview goes deeper into the sheer insanity that is watching Cage go apes--- on a bunch of animatronic mascots.

"He's not trapped in here with them. They're trapped in here with him!" rambles a frantic onlooker at all the chaos unfolding.

Cage plays a quiet loner who agrees to clean an abandoned family fun center in exchange for car repairs. But this amusement park of sorts comes with a dark past. The man is really meant to be sacrificed to a bunch of possessed animatronic mascots, only this is Nic mother-freaking Cage so the janitor turns the tables fast.

"I call them the Psychopathic Animatronic Misfits," director Kevin Lewis previously told EW. "You've got Willy the Weasel, Artie the Alligator, Gus the Gorilla. There's eight of them, and they spring to life and attack him and others, and Nic has to battle his way out. It's like man versus machine! They've been doing this in the past and they picked the wrong guy: Nic."

Willy's Wonderland will be in theaters and On Demand this Feb. 12.

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