By Clark Collis
July 02, 2020 at 12:52 PM EDT

Early in the lockdown, horror director and action figure collector Mike Mendez released a short film called There Can Be Only One in which the man who brought us Big Ass Spider! and Lavalantula battled a toy version of his fellow auteur Guillermo del Toro, who is last seen in the film being carried off by one of the monsters from Big Trouble in Little China.

Mendez has now put out a new, and much more ambitious, movie called The Abyssmal about an epic war between himself and James Cameron who, it transpires, does not appreciate the lack of Avatar merch in Mendez's Los Angeles apartment. The short also features "appearances" by a host of other folks, including Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, multiple Terminators, and del Toro. The latter dismisses Mendez's surprise at his return following the events of the previous film by rhetorically asking, "Am I really getting a lecture on continuity from the Lavalantula?"

Watch the really rather entertaining Abyssmal above. It could be the closest thing we get to a summer blockbuster this year.

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