Were you moved by that big smooch at the end of Never Been Kissed? If so, you certainly weren't the only one.

Michael Vartan revealed Tuesday on The Drew Barrymore Show that he found his climactic kiss scene in the 1999 rom-com to be… quite stirring. He made the admission during a reunion featuring Drew Barrymore (his leading lady in the film) and their costars David Arquette and Molly Shannon.

As fans of the film will remember, Josie (Barrymore) falls in love with English teacher Sam (Vartan) while she's on an undercover journalism assignment, and after everything is revealed in a column, she invites him onto the field at a high school baseball game for their first kiss.

"So I get up to the [pitcher's] mound, we embrace and we start kissing, and you really kissed me," Vartan recalled. "I mean, you really kissed me. I was not I was not ready for it in the least. And I am a man — I was a very young man back then. And you know, I had feelings, feelings — the feelings were just, they just happened, and I very quickly realized I was in a very bad spot because I was wearing very, very loose, sort of like slacks."

Never Been Kissed
Michael Vartan and Drew Barrymore in 'Never Been Kissed'
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Vartan began to grow uncomfortable in his "loose" pants, "And I thought, 'This is going to be a disaster when they cut, I must preemptively end this,'" he said. "So what I did is, in a panic, I just yelled, 'Cut!' and bent over and said, 'Oh, guys, sorry. My back. I put my back out playing ball.'"

To get himself out of what was becoming a constricting situation, Vartan dashed off the field to gather himself.

"I went off into my corner and I was thinking horrible thoughts like, you know, dead puppies, dead puppies," he explained. "And so finally I was able to compose myself, and luckily the, you know, subsequent scenes went on without a hitch."

"But you're a very good kisser," he added.

After Vartan's admission, Barrymore admitted to infusing the liplock with some passion. "You know, you weren't married at the time," she said. "So yeah, I went for it, because you were single, and I felt like I wasn't going to offend anybody."

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