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Method Man is opening up about his acting method… man.

The rapper-turned-actor discussed his turn in 2015's The Cobbler on the latest episode of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, revealing that the Tom McCarthy-helmed film was "when [he] became serious about acting." The film, which stars Adam Sandler as a cobbler who can transform into other people by literally stepping into their shoes, apparently proved a complicated acting exercise for all involved.

"I didn't want to mess up," Method Man explains. "I knew Tom McCarthy was an award-winning director, and I was so wrapped up, like everybody was in this movie… All of us that [Sandler's character] becomes, we're trying to figure out, how do we act like Adam Sandler?"

Ultimately, the solution was much simpler. "I'm trying to watch Adam Sandler and get mannerisms and things of that nature, when that wasn't the answer," Method Man says. "The answer was, 'You're not trying to act like Adam, bro. He's trying to act like you, so act like you.'"

Method Man has also appeared in some more, shall we say, well-liked projects than The Cobbler, which was ranked among the worst movies of its year by several outlets and bombed at the box office. He's currently appearing on Starz's Power Book II: Ghost, and had recurring roles on the gritty, acclaimed HBO dramas Oz, The Wire (which McCarthy also appeared on), and The Deuce. Perhaps the rapper could team with Sandler again for the Safdie brothers' Uncut Gems follow-up? He shouldn't be afraid to get Method, man. (We're so sorry.)

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