Jennifer's Body actress plays a woman handcuffed to her dead husband in new thriller.
Till Death
Credit: Millennium Media

In the horror-thriller Till Death, Megan Fox plays a woman named Emma, who finds herself handcuffed to the corpse of her husband Mark (Eoin Macken) in a remote, snowy locale. "It's this woman who feels trapped [in] this lifeless marriage and now she finds herself trapped to her lifeless husband," says first-time director S.K. Dale.

Dale initially planned on filming the movie in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia during the spring of 2020, but his schedule was upended by the start of the pandemic.

"We were preparing to shoot it in March, and at that stage, it was snowing, and we had found our locations, and they had started building everything," says the filmmaker. "Then COVID hit and everyone just dropped everything. I've always had this goal to do my first feature by 30. It was actually my thirtieth birthday, they brought in a cake and said, 'Sorry we have to shut down the studio, we're sending everyone home.' We came back in June and started prepping again to shoot a film set in winter, now in summertime Sofia. We had to completely switch gears and look at creating with the special effects team these incredible sets that are covered in fake snow. It was a bit of a different plan but ultimately I'm pretty happy with what we got."

Dale says Fox "really embraced those sequences where she is alone and where she's acting alongside this corpse, and trying to find some comical moments or dark moments or sad moments. The simplest things, there's so much more effort [required] from her. Even if it's her moving three meters, she now has to drag this body. Definitely, with scheduling, we had to try to separate these heavier, physical sequences."

The body is mostly "played" in the film by stuntman Boyan Anev. "We spent all this money building this human dummy but in the end it just doesn't feel real, it would just wobble around," says Dale. "So we ended up really relying on our stuntman for a lot of it. The pain he had to go through on this film! My love for stuntmen and -women has grown on this film because the way they embrace every stunt, the way they push themselves, it's an art form in itself."

Till Death premieres in theaters and On Demand July 2. The film is written by Jason Carvey and costars Callan Mulvey, Aml Ameen, and Jack Roth.

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