Actress Jan Caruana shares an amusing anecdote about her character's hairdo in a seminal scene from the 2004 teen comedy: "At first it took about 25 minutes."

Unlike Gretchen Wieners, Emma Gerber's hair is not full of secrets.

Mean Girls actress Jan Caruana responded to a viral tweet about her character's hairdo during a seminal scene in the 2004 teen comedy: At Spring Fling, Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) breaks her Spring Fling Queen crown into pieces and distributes it amongst her schoolmates. Before she does, she compliments several peers in the room, including Caruana's Emma.

"I think everybody looks like royalty tonight," Cady says in the scene. "Look at Jessica Lopez. That dress is amazing. And Emma Gerber. I mean, that hairdo must have taken hours and you look really pretty." After TV personality Korey Kuhl tweeted that he just doesn't believe that Emma Gerber's hairdo must have taken hours, Caruana responded with an anecdote about it.

"At first it took about 25 minutes," Caruana shared over the weekend. "Then I got sent to set and the director said 'that doesn't look like it took hours.' So I was sent back to hair and they stuck some flowers in it and I got sent back again. So in total... Maybe one hour."

Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, and Daniel Franzese also starred opposite Lohan and Caruana in Mean Girls, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. In a segment with Vogue earlier this month, Lohan revisited her beloved role and revealed that she initially wanted to play Regina George, portrayed by McAdams.

"I wanted to play Regina because I'd just come off of Freaky Friday, and I wanted to play a pretty normal girl now," Lohan said. "I wanted to have a different kind of role than just the damaged teenager again." Director Mark Waters, however, was "insistent that I play Cady and so was [writer] Tina [Fey]," Lohan explained. "They're like 'no, no, no, you're the lovable one, you have to play Cady.'.. It's just such a lovable movie."

Watch the Spring Fling scene with Caruana and Lohan above.

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