"If the reviews come out and they're terrible, then she'll watch it," the actor explained.

Matt Damon might be a movie star with dozens of acclaimed films under his belt but when it comes to his career, there's no harsher critic than his own kid.

While promoting his new movie Stillwater, Damon admitted to E! News that his 15-year-old daughter Isabella never fails to keep him grounded, even if it means serving him the tough truth about his work.

"If the reviews come out and they're terrible, then she'll watch it. If they come out and they're good, she's going to pass... she's looking for ammunition all the time," Damon told E!. "She's like one of the funniest people I've ever met. She's really cool."

Damon's anecdote comes on the heels of a recent segment with CBS Sunday Morning where the actor shared a similar story highlighting his daughter's tough love, admitting that Isabella "refuses" to watch his Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting.

"She doesn't want to see any movies that I'm in that she thinks might be good. She just likes to give me s---," he joked. "My daughter said, 'Hey remember that movie you did, The Wall?' I said, 'It was called The Great Wall.' She goes, 'Dad, there was nothing great about that movie.' She keeps my feet firmly on the ground."

Despite the harsh critic stance, Damon — who in Stillwater plays a father going to great lengths to exonerate his wrongfully convicted daughter (Abigail Breslin) — has made it clear that his favorite role in life is being a dad. He also told E! that because of that real life role, he feels more connected to characters who share that trait.

"It's easier to find my way into a character [if they're a dad]," Damon explained. "They become a lot more relatable. If you can draw a direct correlation to your own life, it's always a lot easier." 

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