The actor, whose wife also bears the tattoo, calls the abstract design on his arm "a creative little blessing."

Turns out, Matt Damon and Heath Ledger have more in common than being two of the most iconic performers of their generation. They also share the same tattoo.

The Stillwater star, who also has the names of his four daughters etched on his upper arm, explained how an impromptu decision from his wife, Lucy, and a staunch promise resulted in them getting inked with the same design as the late actor, Damon revealed in a recent GQ cover profile.

"There is a friend of ours who did all of Heath Ledger's tattoos and I told him if I ever got a tattoo, he was my first phone call," Damon said. When Damon's wife decided in 2013 that "we're getting tattoos," Damon called up that pal, Scott Campbell, who freehanded Damon's wife's name on his arm. Later, the Good Will Hunting actor admitted he "just wanted to get something that Heath had," and when Campbell pulled up images on his laptop, Damon became fixated on one particular design.

Heath Ledger and Matt Damon
Heath Ledger and Matt Damon
| Credit: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP via Getty Images

"I said, 'Scott, what's that one?' And he goes, 'I have no idea — I think that's just some shit that Heath squiggled.' And I went, 'That's the one I want,'" Damon said, adding that his wife got the same tattoo on her foot.

"So we both have that. It's like a little creative little blessing," Damon said. "It's like an angel that looks over all these names that are on the arm."

Reflecting on his old friend, Damon remembered Ledger as being an "incredibly restless, creative person." Sharing a story from a hairstylist who worked with Ledger on the set of The Patriot, Damon recalled learning that "she said he hated sitting still so much 'that by the time I got the wig on and I set it and everything, and I'd finished, he'd get up and there would be a sculpture of bobby pins that he'd done.'"

Damon continued, "He was really sensitive. This stuff just flowed out of him. He was really special."

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