She also ribbed him about his film The Great Wall, telling him, "Dad, there was nothing great about that movie."

Add Matt Damon to the list of actors whose kids aren't big fans of their movies.

The actor, who won an Oscar for the critically acclaimed Good Will Hunting, told CBS Sunday Morning that his 15-year-old daughter "refuses to see it."

"She doesn't want to see any movies that I'm in that she thinks might be good. She just likes to give me s---," Damon explained. "My daughter said, 'Hey remember that movie you did, The Wall?' I said, 'It was called The Great Wall.' She goes, 'Dad, there was nothing great about that movie.' She keeps my feet firmly on the ground."

GOOD WILL HUNTING, Robin Williams, Matt Damon, 1997
(L-R) Robin Williams and Matt Damon in 'Good Will Hunting'
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To be fair, critics have also panned Damon's 2016 flick The Great Wall, which has a lowly 35 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. But even if his daughters don't watch his movies, Damon said they still have respect for his passion.

"I like that they know that I love my job," he added. "They know it's time-consuming and a lot of work, and that it fills me up."

At Cannes Film Festival, the movie scored a five-minute round of applause. Damon got choked up by the response, and he spoke about how becoming a father of four daughters has changed him as an actor.

"I think I get choked up easier now. Ever since I had kids, my job has become a lot easier, because I don't have to try," he told CBS Sunday Morning. "I don't have to reach for any emotions, whether it's joy or whether it's pain, because it's all just nearby because the stakes are so much higher when you have kids."

Recently, Damon's former costar Gwyneth Paltrow also said her kids don't really care to see her in films.

"My kids have never seen me in a movie," Paltrow revealed about her children, whom she shares with Coldplay's Chris Martin. "I mean, I think my son has seen the Iron Man things, but I don't think my daughter has ever seen me in a movie."

"She says she likes me here," Paltrow said about Apple, laughing as she put her hands over her heart. "[She thinks] it's weird if I'm onscreen!"

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