That's one way to make a first impression.

If you ever bump into a celebrity, chances are your brain will immediately make you say something uncool, and likely even embarrassing. So it's nice to know that this blurt-whatever's-in-your-mind urge happens to Oscar-nominated actresses like Margot Robbie too.

In Robbie's case, her awkward admission happened with wrestler and actor John Cena, who she met working on James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

"I watched WWE when I was growing up," Robbie said on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest-hosted by Black-ish star Anthony Anderson. "When I was a kid, I loved the Undertaker, and then obviously when I was a teenager I kind of stopped watching. But then, as a late teen, early 20s, I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with John Cena — so much so that he dressed as John Cena for his 21st birthday, and [he] had a cardboard cutout of John Cena in his bedroom. So I slept in a room for two years with a life-size cardboard cutout of John Cena in the room."

When Robbie was about to actually meet Cena, she told herself she'd remain professional and not say a word about the time she spent in the presence of his cardboard counterpart.

"And I remember thinking, 'I wonder if now that I'm going to work with John Cena, should I tell him this or is that going to be weird?'" Robbie recalled, as Cena sat alongside her in his Suicide Squad costume. "And I thought, 'I'm just going to keep that to myself. I'm not going to tell him. That'd be a weird way to start our working relationship.' And then five seconds into meeting him, I'm like, 'I used to sleep in a room with a life-size cutout of you.'"

Cena, though, was apparently unfazed.

"Now I know that there's very little to weird out this guy," Robbie said.

Cena gave a mock surprised look when Robbie made that last statement, but Anderson was stuck on something else she said: That her former beau had a life-size cutout of another man in his bedroom.

John Cena and Margot Robbie
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"In my defense, I was more than likely wearing jean shorts," Cena said reassuringly.

"Yep, yeah," Robbie confirmed.

To make things a little more even, Anderson brought out a cutout of Robbie's Harley Quinn character for Cena, who jokingly went up to it and said, "Sup?"

Robbie, though, demonstrated her wrestling fan bona fides, telling Cena he should have his done his trademark "You can't see me" hand gesture to the Harley cutout.

Watch the clip above to see the whole exchange.

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