By Derek Lawrence
May 18, 2021 at 01:03 PM EDT

A little piece of advice for bad guys: If you see Liam Neeson on a mode of transportation — run.

The action icon is unveiling a new set of very particular skills in the first trailer for Netflix's The Ice Road. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh (The Punisher), the thriller finds Neeson starring as Mike, an ice driver sent to a rescue mission when a mine collapse leaves a group of miners trapped. And, of course, he won't just be facing off against traffic.

Neeson is no stranger to fighting bad guys while on various vehicles, having already done so on a plane (Non-Stop), train (The Commuter), and snow plow (Cold Pursuit). EW previously came up with some possible modes of transportation that Neeson could take on next. He had his own ideas, pitching a franchise that starts with him as an Uber driver and continues with him on vacation on a cruise.

"A car seems to be calling out doesn't it?" he says, before perking up at suggestions of an Uber or cruise ship. "You've got me thinking. Okay, a family station wagon that I use for Uber to make extra money, and then something happens. And the sequel is getting away from all that. I need a break and I'm having a nervous breakdown, so somebody pays for me to have a cruise. I'm thinking, 'Oh, this is bliss,' and then it isn't.'"

The Ice Road

Talking to EW last year, he admitted that COVID might have affected the cruise plans, while also eagerly sharing that Ice Road and a truck was on the way.

"It could be a small cruise ship," Neeson insisted. "Not one of those huge big things you see sailing down the canals that dwarf all the buildings. Back in March, I just wrapped a film called The Ice Road, and it's inspired by the French film, Wages of Fear, which is this classic French black-and-white movie. Our film is set on frozen Lake Winnipeg, where there's been a collapse up in the mine in Northern Canada and there's miners trapped. Because of the weather, the only way they can transport the pieces used to extract the miners is by road and these big trucks across Lake Winnipeg. The only thing is it's the dead of winter, and the ice is usually eight-to-ten-feet thick, but in ours the thaw is happening so the ice is only three feet thick — and so s--- happens. [Laughs] So that's a lorry, right? But I think the cruise ship might work."

The Ice Road drives onto Netflix on June 25. Watch the trailer above.

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