Credit: Laika Studios/Annapurna Pictures

Watching a whole slew of A-list actresses have a virtual fight while in quarantine was fun, but LAIKA might have something even better.

The animation studio behind Coraline and Missing Link released its own spin on the quarantine-fight phenomenon, a (mostly) stop-motion video produced by several of its animators. It may not have Lucy Lawless or Scarlett Johansson, but it does have an ice cube with tiny arms and legs swinging an umbrella around like a bo staff. How do you beat that?

Earlier this year, LAIKA's Travis Knight spoke to EW about where the studio is headed. He confirmed multiple new films are in the works, which “are so different from things that we’ve done in the past, some of them dramatically different which could essentially challenge people’s ideas of what they think a LAIKA movie is.”

He also teased that the studio might explore streaming content in the future, noting, "The opportunity to explore storytelling in different forums and across the mediums and across genres, it’s something that I think we’re incredibly excited about. I think you’ll start to see those types of efforts coming from LAIKA in the days to come.”

Presumably, this video wasn't what he was referring to, but it's delightful all the same. You can watch the full fight sequence above.

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