The actress is pregnant with her second child in new photos paying tribute to the 2006 drama directed by Coppola for W Magazine.

Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola have reunited to announce the actress' second pregnancy with her husband, actor Jesse Plemons, in a stunning tribute to the ladies' beloved 2006 historical drama Marie-Antoinette for W Magazine.

The longtime friends and collaborators — who've shot several films together, including The Virgin Suicides, The Bling Ring, and The Beguiled — linked up to announce Dunst's pregnancy in W Magazine's new Directors Issue via an editorial that recalls a key locale from Marie-Antoinette.

Coppola conceived the aesthetic with photographer Zoë Ghertner as a clear recreation of the French royal's floral-tinged quarters, complete with a golden headboard similar to the one hovering over Marie-Antoinette's bed in the film. Dunst also wears a custom sheer dress by Rodarte sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy (who also directed Dunst in the 2017 thriller Woodshock) in the photos, which recalls the costuming she wore in many of the source film's bedroom scenes.

"Every shot was on the floor," Dunst joked to the publicationreferencing some of the poses Coppola and Ghertner devised for the shoot, which debuts nearly three years after she welcomed her son Ennis in May 2018. "I was like, 'I can't get up.' I felt like Urkel."

W Mag Shoot of Kirsten Dunst
Credit: Zoë Ghertner for W Magazine

"Clearly, I'm drawn to these fancy society ladies. Once, my mom was like, 'Where does that come from?' And, I don't know, maybe growing up in the chaos of hippie artists in the '70s—that's the most opposite world. It's so foreign to me and how I was brought up. There's something intriguing there," Coppola said of the shoot.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dunst praised Coppola's treatment of her on the set of The Virgin Suicides, saying that the Oscar-winning filmmaker made her feel "really protected" during production.

"I felt really protected. She made me feel like I was cool, like my teeth were cool, and I was pretty. At 16, I did not think anything of myself. And it's nice to have had another woman celebrate that transition, rather than it having been sexualized through a man's perspective," she said.

The photo series also includes other actresses Coppola has frequently worked with in the past, including Elle Fanning (Somewhere, The Beguiled) and Rashida Jones (A Very Murray Christmas, On the Rocks).

"It's so funny that people talk to me about how much they love Marie Antoinette now. Do you know how dogged on we got when that movie came out?" Dunst previously told EW of navigating the polarized press reaction to Marie-Anoinette at the time of its release, which reportedly included several boos from journalists at a Cannes Film Festival screening.

"Yeah, a few people booed at a press screening, but they didn't boo at our premiere," Dunst continued. "It's funny how things are too ahead [of their time] for people, and later [everyone is] like, 'Now I get it.' That movie especially, it's crazy to me. It's apparently one of the most Instagrammed movies."

See Dunst's pregnancy photos above and below. The full issue of W Magazine is on stands April 6.

W Mag Shoot of Kirsten Dunst
Credit: Zoë Ghertner for W Magazine
W Mag Shoot of Kirsten Dunst
Credit: Zoë Ghertner for W Magazine

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