Quarantined cinephiles can watch Gosford Park, Mall Rats, Moonrise Kingdom, and My Summer of Love.

Focus Features has announced that the distribution company will livestream a film exclusively on its Facebook page every Monday in April for free. The four films being livestreamed under the banner of "Focus Movie Mondays" are Gosford Park (8p.m. ET, April 6), Moonrise Kingdom (8pm EST, April 13), Mallrats (8p.m. ET, April 20), and the Emily Blunt-starring My Summer of Love (8pm EST, April 27). While the livestreams will be free, each will include a link to donate to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s COVID 19 Response Fund.

Questions for Gosford Park writer Julian Fellowes and Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson will be gathered from viewers and their answers will be revealed during the livestream of their respective films. Meanwhile, writer-director Kevin Smith will host a watch party for the livestreaming of his 1995 comedy Mallrats.

"I talk anyway, it's nice that somebody outside of my normal sphere is like, 'Hey talk for us!'" says Smith. "And, let's be honest, a discussion about a twenty-five-year-old movie is definitely what's going to heal this nation. If nothing else, it'll be a time machine, back to a place when Outbreak, the Dustin Hoffman movie, was the only version of the events that we're currently living through that was ever presented to us. Look, it sucks in the present, let's go back to the '90s!"

Smith admits the livestreaming of Mallrats fits in nicely with his writing plans.

"Thank god it's happening now, because I'm writing the Mallrats sequel, Twilight of the Mallrats, as we speak," says Smith. "So, I'm gong to use this screening and this watch-a-long as research, man, see what everyone's favorite parts of the movie are!"

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