The Friday the 13th and Tremors star is a big fan of the zombie movie One Cut of the Dead.
Credit: Dominik Bindl/WireImage; Everett Collection

Friday the 13th. Tremors. Hollow Man. Flatliners. Stir of Echoes. There is a surprisingly thick seam of horror to be located in Kevin Bacon's filmography. This year, the actor and writer-director David Koepp doubled down on the genre, bringing fright fans not only the Wales-set haunted house movie You Should Have Left but also the Bacon-narrated Audible tale Yard Work, in which a grieving man faces off against a highly dangerous strain of vine.

Turns out, the Footloose icon's interest in horror runs deep, as we discovered when EW asked him to recommend the perfect scary movie to watch this Halloween season.

"I’m going to recommend one that is sort of obscure," said Bacon. "It’s a Japanese film, which is called One Cut of the Dead. You’ve never seen anything quite like this film. You’re going to watch the first 45 minutes and say, 'He’s out of his mind, this is the worst horror movie I've ever seen in my life.' You really have to stick with it, because it is both funny and scary and a really great and loving homage to the genre in general. I would recommend that one."

One Cut of the Dead is available to stream on Shudder. Watch the trailer for the movie above.

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