"We had to gather the cast together and try to get the hair to match," the actor tells EW. "That was a completely re-shot ending."

Those Sunday shoes almost weren't kicked off at the end of Footloose.

While reminiscing with EW about some of his most memorable roles, Kevin Bacon revealed that Footloose originally had a much different ending than the electric dance scene we know and love.

Turns out, an alternate ending saw a slow-motion fade-out after Bacon's iconic "let's dance!" line in lieu of the musical number.

"I run into the place, I say, 'Let's dance!' and there's like a moment of dancing, and then right away, it goes into slow motion," he says of the original ending. "There's glitter falling from the sky, and everyone is just moving in slow motion. This was the original ending."

FOOTLOOSE, Lori Singer, Kevin Bacon
Lori Singer and Kevin Bacon in 'Footloose'
| Credit: Everett Collection

Luckily for everyone, that didn't land well with early audiences. "The studio tested the movie, and they were like, 'This doesn't work at all,'" he explains. "Everyone wants to get up and dance at the end of this movie."

Bacon says nearly an entire year passed between initially wrapping production on the film and coming back to create the memorable final number. "We still kept the 'Let's dance!' and me running down the stairs," he says. "But from that point on, it was choreographed and L.A. dancers were hired. Chris Penn was out there — and me and Lori [Singer]. We had to gather the cast together and try to get the hair to match. That was a completely re-shot ending."

And at last, everybody got the chance to cut footloose.

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