"I haven’t been happy with the way people try to convince me a rom-com should be," Hudson says in a new interview.


Kate Hudson hasn't made a romantic comedy in five years, and for good reason.

"I will definitely do rom-coms again," the Almost Famous Oscar nominee said in a new interview with Women's Health. "But I haven't been happy with the way people try to convince me a rom-com should be."

She told the publication that after finding success with the iconic genre entry How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, subsequent rom-com jaunts turned sour after she "begged and pleaded" to be heard by the men calling the shots.

The 41-year-old plans to reclaim her voice in the genre by taking the reins on future productions, revealing that she has a Netflix rom-com in the works that she'll "hopefully" be able to shoot next year as a producer before transitioning to directing in the future.

"I will act when I want, but I want to tell stories," Hudson — whose only other directorial credit is the 2007 Kristen Stewart-starring short Cutlass — finishes, also adding that she plans to release music after receiving a Golden Globe nod for starring in Sia's appropriately titled musical Music earlier this year. "I'll be the woman with all those crazy, big bracelets, jewelry, and caftans, directing."

After her breakout role in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous, Hudson sustained her prominence with varied parts in rom-com productions like Le Divorce, Alex & Emma, Raising Helen, You, Me & Dupree, and Bride Wars, though How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days has become one of the defining roles of her career, grossing $177 million worldwide.

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