The artist's fourth album, Star-crossed, comes with a companion film.

Kacey Musgraves is giving her new album the cinematic treatment — complete with some star cameos and an infamous desert chapel.

Coinciding with the Sept. 10 release of Star-crossed, her fourth studio album, Musgraves will unveil a 50-minute film of the same name on Paramount+, featuring scenes shot at the iconic Kill Bill church.

Schitt's Creek Emmy winner Eugene Levy, recent RuPaul's Drag Race champ Symone, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress Victoria Pedretti, music artist Princess Nokia, and comedian Megan Stalter are among the stars showing up Star-crossed: The Film, which was directed by Bardia Zeinali. (Zeinali has also worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.)

Tarantino fans will recall that the Kill Bill church is where Bill (David Carradine) sent a hit squad to massacre the Bride/Beatrix's (Uma Thurman) wedding party — though she was left in a coma and ultimately came back with a vengeance. (Remind yourself of the scene below.)

Zeinali said in a statement about the Star-crossed film, "We wanted it to feel cinematic and epic without compromising the heart and the emotion. To feel fantastical and heightened and tell her story through the lens of art and fashion."

Musgraves posted the colorful trailer (above) on social media Monday, glimpsing a project that looks to be full of drama, high heels, a black horse, ironing, Musgraves in multiple bridal looks, a woman next to a neon sign reading "Annulments" (for $15.95), a smashed wedding cake, and the tagline "What if our darkest tragedy became our greatest triumph?" It's all soundtracked to the album's title track.

If you're feeling breakup vibes, it's perhaps worth noting Musgraves split with Ruston Kelly last year, after two years of marriage.

She recently opened up to Elle magazine about the split, saying, "If you would've told me the night of the Grammys, 'Hey, in two years, you're going to be divorced and have a whole 'nother album written,' I would have been like, 'F--- off. No. No way.'"

Musgraves wrote the title track with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk. Her new album, which was recorded in less than three weeks in Nashville earlier this year, is laid out as a "modern-day tragedy in three acts," according to a news release. It concerns "an extremely personal journey of heartache and healing."

The full track list for Star-crossed is:

  1. "Star-crossed"
  2. "Good Wife"
  3. "Cherry Blossom"
  4. "Simple Times"
  5. "If This Was a Movie.."
  6. "Justified"
  7. "Angel"
  8. "Breadwinner"
  9. "Camera Roll"
  10. "Easier Said"
  11. "Hookup Scene"
  12. "Keep Lookin' Up"
  13. "What Doesn't Kill Me"
  14. "There Is a Light"
  15. "Gracias a la Vida"

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