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Justin Long is taking a walk down memory lane.

On Thursday, the actor shared a sweet throwback memory of working with Britney Spears as her love interest on the cult classic 2002 film Crossroads. "I remember being slightly nervous to work with Britney Spears — she was such a massive star in 2002 (as she still is)," Long wrote on Instagram alongside a photo from the movie. "When she introduced herself to me in the makeup trailer, I was disarmed by how sweet and NOT famous she seemed — just a nice girl (not yet a woman) from Louisiana."

Long went on to recall how Spears immediately made him feel comfortable, as did director Tamra Davis and writer Shonda Rhimes (yes, that Shonda Rhimes). "p.s. what ever happened to HER???" Long joked of the now super-successful TV producer.

"Britney seemed to get exponentially more guarded (totally understandably) whenever we walked off set with her bodyguard 'Big something' (my memory is so bad but I remember really liking him - a massive, warm, friendly, terrifying guy)," Long continued. "People would clamor to get to her and paparazzi were constantly lurking behind trees, in bushes, etc. 
Years later, when the tabloid frenzy surrounding Britney reached a fever pitch, I remember feeling so sorry for her. Nobody deserves to be hounded and harassed like that — least of all a very sweet person — one who behaved kindly towards a young nervous actor who occupied a much lower rung on the hierarchical ladder of that film set."

Long also got self-deprecating as he reminisced on how he felt watching the movie for the first time. "I remember thinking that it looked like I was wearing pantyhose on my head because the makeup people only put makeup on my pasty white face and failed to cover up the rest of my translucent body (probably because it would've gotten all over the sheets)," he wrote, adding a nauseous face emoji. "Though I personally think it makes Britney's skin tone look that much nicer — and she was the star, after all, despite not acting like one."

This isn't the first time Long has looked back fondly on his experience with Spears. In 2019, the actor visited PeopleTV's Couch Surfing to talk about his first onscreen kiss with her in the film.

"I've got to say, she was so sweet and down-to-earth, it was really like disarming," Long said. Of the kiss, he explained that "at one point our legs were kind of intertwined," and Spears apologized for not having shaved her legs that day. "I'm sure they're fine," Long recalled telling her. But she insisted, Long said, and Spears proceeded to put his hand on her thigh. "It was like a baby's ass, you know, it was like the smoothest, it was like silk," he said. "And I swear it was like the smoothest thing I've ever felt — it was like a dolphin."

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