The legendary 'Mary Poppins' actress shared a hopeful message to fans, encouraging them to be kind and compassionate to one another during the coronavirus pandemic.

By Ruth Kinane
March 26, 2020 at 12:16 PM EDT

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Julie Andrews is the calming quarantine presence we all need right now.

On Thursday, the iconic actress called into Good Morning America for a video interview with an uplifting message for her fans around the world. “We’re being very good and absorbing all the rules,” Andrews told the show's anchors, adding that — like most of us — she’s staying in touch with her family and friends through phone and video calls.

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The Sound of Music star also shared that the unity we're experience during this pandemic reminds her of the solidarity she experienced as a young girl during World War II. “There’s just so much out there at the moment and people being so wonderful and bonding,” said Andrews. “This is so much, to me, World War II in a way. I’m very much reminded of that because I was around at that time, believe it or not. And the sense of unity that it provides and the way people do bond and get together is just phenomenal.”


The 84-year-old went on to express her well wishes to fans out there. “I send my fondest love to everyone,” she said. “Stay safe. Follow the rules. Be compassionate and kind if you can, which… I think everybody is. Keep in touch, reach out. Find the way you can reach out, which is what I’m doing as much as possible.” And proving that legends are just like us, Andrews added that she's been indulging in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cups of tea, as a coping mechanism.

Andrews can next be seen on Netflix's Julie’s Greenroom as well as her upcoming podcast Julie’s Library, which she is set to co-host with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton.

Watch the interview above.

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