Hulu's latest Into the Dark film debuts June 12.

By Clark Collis
May 28, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT

Good Boy is the latest entry in Hulu and Blumhouse Television's Into the Dark horror movie series and stars Judy Greer as an unlucky-in-love journalist at a local newspaper.

"I play a character who is single and she’s having a hard time at work," says the 13 Going on 30, Archer, and Halloween actress. "She is at the end of her rope and she gets some advice to get an emotional support animal. The emotional support dog ends up supporting her a little too much by eliminating all the people that cause her any kind of stress of harm."

Is the dog some outsized, slavering German shepherd? No! The support animal is actually a darling little ten-pound terrier.

"That’s kind of the funny part," says Greer. "You look at the dog and you just think, there’s no way this little creature, this beautiful little dog could ever do anything harmful to anyone And yet — dot, dot, dot."

Below, Greer talks more about Good Boy, reuniting with Jamie Lee Curtis on Halloween Kills, and the problem with Yorkshire terriers.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There are a lot of sequences in Good Boy where your scene partner is a small dog. What was that like?

JUDY GREER: I know! I loved it. I’m a big animal-lover. The dog’s name was Chico, and his trainer’s name was Kimberly, and they were so great, they were so easy. Chico was so chill and so good and so sweet. Someone told me that on set one day I was shooting a scene, and he was off backstage with his trainer, and I was screaming in this scene, and he looked really upset because he and I had bonded together. He wanted to go and see if I was okay. That totally made my heart explode as you can imagine.

Steve Guttenberg plays your editor in the film. Fun guy?

Oh yeah, he’s awesome. He’s incredible. I've always been a huge fan of his, but working with him, it was so fun and he’s so funny and also a really good actor. Every time they would yell "Cut!" the whole crew was screaming with laughter. Now, I’m trying to work with him on everything I do. When we get back to work, I want to have Steve Guttenberg in my contract, if possible.

You probably don't remember this, but I moderated an Archer panel a few years ago, and you noticed my phone case had photographs of my then girlfriend's Yorkshire terrier. You said you were thinking of getting Yorkie and I remember saying they're not the best breed for an actress because they tend to suffer from separation anxiety.

Oh, that’s so funny, I totally remember this, yeah.

I always wondered if you did wind up getting a Yorkie.

I got my own little terrier mix, but she is not a Yorkie, because we wanted to rescue a dog. My veterinarian actually called me and said, "I have this dog that needs a foster, would you do it?" Art does imitate life because we decided to keep her and not find her a new home, so I’m a foster-fail. I’m caressing her right now. I'm going to close her ears while I tell you this story, so she can’t hear it. It seemed like as soon as we signed the paperwork, so she was our dog, and we adopted her, she turned into an insane creature that pretty much wanted to attack anyone that wasn’t me. We spent so much money training her, and trying to get her to calm down, and love other people. I don’t know, she’s not a Yorkie, but she sounds like she has multiple personalities like that dog you were showing me those years ago.

Halloween Kills is — hopefully — coming out in October. What was it like shooting that?

It was so fun. And it was the same crew that we had for the first one, so it really did feel like a big family — one that functions well.

Do you wear a Christmas sweater in this one?

I’m not telling you. [Laughs]

Good Boy debuts June 12 in celebration of Pet Appreciation Week, only on Hulu. The film is written by Aaron and Will Eisenberg and directed by Tyler MacIntyre. Good Boy costars Ellen Wong, Elise Neal, Maria Conchita Alonso, McKinley Freeman and Chico the Dog.

Exclusively watch the trailer for Good Boy above.


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