Hammer left the action-comedy, which will costar Jennifer Lopez, in the wake of a social media controversy, while Jennifer Coolidge and Sonia Braga board.

Shotgun Wedding (2022 Movie)

UPDATE: EW can confirm Josh Duhamel has officially boarded Shotgun Wedding alongside beloved comedic actress Jennifer Coolidge and Brazilian acting icon Sonia Braga, who will play the mothers to his and Jennifer Lopez's characters, respectively.

"We know Josh and Jennifer will make a compelling and sexy on-screen couple and they will be fun sparring partners as their dream destination wedding erupts into a memorable nightmare," said Lionsgate's head of production, Erin Westerman. "We are also thrilled to bring Jennifer and Sonia on to our cast as mothers of the bride and groom. Their acting and comedic talents will add another fun layer to this already-rich action-comedy."

EARLIER: The big-screen action-comedy Shotgun Wedding is looking to reload with a new leading man after Armie Hammer's exit.

EW has confirmed that Josh Duhamel — star of Michael Bay's Transformers franchise and the 2013 romance Safe Haven — is in talks to replace Hammer following the Golden Globe nominee's announcement last week that he was leaving the project in the wake of a social media controversy.

Hammer was first announced to star in Shotgun Wedding opposite Jennifer Lopez last fall, but just before the film was set to begin production in February, screenshots surfaced online that purported to show the actor engaging in graphic discussions with women. The messages have not been verified, and the 34-year-old Call Me by Your Name star has called them "bulls---."

"I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic," Hammer said in a statement last week. "Lionsgate is supporting me in this and I'm grateful to them for that." A spokesperson for the production told EW that "given the imminent start date of Shotgun Wedding, Armie has requested to step away from the film and we support him in his decision."

Directed by Jason Moore and produced by Ryan Reynolds and Lopez's longtime partners Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas (Second Act) and Benny Medina, Shotgun Wedding will follow Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (the role Duhamel is eyeing) as they gather their lovable but opinionated families for a picturesque destination wedding. Shortly after their arrival, however, the couple get cold feet and a dangerous hostage situation heats up the tension.

A release date for Shotgun Wedding has yet to be announced.

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Shotgun Wedding (2022 Movie)
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