Watch his video of the exact moment.

Josh Duhamel had a close call while filming his upcoming action-comedy Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, the actor shared a video of a scary encounter he had in the ocean one day during production. Duhamel explained that he would often go to this "calm, turquoise little cove" to swim and explore during his down time. But one day, he went and found the waves to be a bit "tumultuous."

"The waves were crashing like 30 feet in the air," he recalled. "This rogue wave comes up as I'm videotaping this thing and literally washed me almost over the edge of this cliff." A crop of coral helped keep him upright, but as a result Duhamel got pretty scraped up from the encounter, which you can see in the video below. "It turned me into hamburger on many parts of my body afterwards," he said.

Duhamel can laugh about the incident now, but he couldn't at the time because he was afraid of what the studio would say. "I never told anybody. You're the first person I showed that to, because if I had showed that to Lionsgate they probably would have kicked me off the movie," he said with a laugh.

For more with Duhamel, including him talking about working with Jennifer Lopez and his new Netflix show Jupiter's Legacy, watch the video above.

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