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Jon Cryer didn't know what to think after he first performed his character Duckie's famous Pretty in Pink dance for director Howard Deutch.

On the latest episode of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, the Supergirl star recalls to host Lola Ogunnaike that in John Hughes' original script, the scene only had a few sentences: "Duckie comes in. He's singing a song. And he really puts his all into it."

To prepare for the scene, Cryer worked with choreographer Kenny Ortega (who would go on to choreograph Dirty Dancing and direct High School Musical). "I'm not a dancer, obviously," Cryer jokes while watching Duckie dance and lip-sync to "Try a Little Tenderess," by Otis Redding, "but it was funny because when I showed the director what I wanted to do in the scene, they cleared the shop and I had performed it full out, and he didn't say anything afterwards."

Turns out Deutch's blank expression was hiding his irritation. Cryer's dance was so good that Deutch realized they'd have to extend production to capture it in all its glory.

"We lost a whole day in the schedule in the very first week," Cryer says, but Deutch was still able to pull off making one of the most stylish films in ever.

To see Cryer walk through more of his memorable roles, including all the time he spent working with Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, watch his full episode of Couch Surfing.

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