The outrageous stuntman had to wear a catheter for over three years.

It's been 15 years since Johnny Knoxville injured his "gym dog" in a motorcycle flip mishap. Ahead of his upcoming film, Jackass Forever, the stuntman opened up about his recovery from the 2007 incident that broke his penis, tore his urethra, and left him with a catheter for three-and-a-half years.

"The doctor said a couple centimeters down and it would've been out of commission," the 50-year-old Jackass creator told Variety. "But I've had two children since then, so it's in great working order. That's too much information."

Johnny Knoxville on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
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Over the two MTV television seasons, four films, two film specials, and numerous spin-offs of the Jackass franchise, Knoxville has been faced with almost every stunt imaginable. In the newest installment, which will be released in theaters Feb. 4, he was injured after a bull didn't appreciate his magic tricks quite as much as he had hoped.

Jackass Forever
Johnny Knoxville in 'Jackass Forever'
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"I ended up in the hospital for the weekend with a broken wrist, broken rib, concussion, and a brain hemorrhage," Knoxville told Variety. "I had to get this magnetic treatment on my head and take a lot of cognitive tests, but now I'm back better than never."

Of all the antics he's put himself through, Knoxville says bulls are the worst, prefers blunt force trauma to pepper spray, and thinks electrocution is "so-so." He draws his "irrational" line at cold weather and cold water.

Next up on Knoxville's agenda, he'll be checking off the title of WWE fighter. On Jan. 1, the Tennesseean took to Instagram with a message that he would be joining the WWE's Royal Rumble, set to take place on Jan. 29.

"Thirty men enter, one guy is left standing. That's me," Knoxville boasted in the video. "I've seen the current list of WWE wrestlers, and frankly, I'm not impressed. They don't have anyone big enough to throw me over the top rope."

With the Jackass title going strong for over 20 years, Knoxville and the rest of the stuntman crew still aren't ready to call it quits.

"After [movies] one and two, we were like, 'Never.' And then we made a third one, and now we made a fourth one," Knoxville said. "So we're never saying never. Half-ass stuntmen aren't very good with long-term planning."

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