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May 01, 2020 at 05:45 PM EDT
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As esteemed pediatrician Steve Edison once cautioned: You should only eat brown M&Ms. Thankfully, you can satiate your sweet tooth in other ways. Like soaking up every last drop of Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey rekindling their Wedding Planner romance over a series of adorable tweets.

While locked down in coronavirus quarantine, the stars of director Adam Shankman's 2001 rom-com classic shared a lovely Twitter exchange that began after Lopez tagged her leading man in a scene from the film in celebration of Throwback Thursday.

On Friday, McConaughey followed up with a video in which he recounted working on the project with Lopez, who played the titular perfectionist, Mary Fiore, as she juggled her budding attraction to McConaughey's aforementioned doctor character while simultaneously planning his wedding to a perky bride (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras).

"Jennifer was already cast, they were looking for the male lead," he said of the casting process. "I think we were coming up against a writers strike. So, what that means is the issue was trying to get as many movies made as quickly as possible... the industry needed content."

Though screenwriter Mike Ellis told EW in 2017 the future Oscar winner joined the cast only after Brendan Fraser unexpectedly dropped out of the part four weeks before production began, McConaughey's video continues with the actor explaining that he was "paid extremely well" because of the expedited schedule, but ended up having "a lot of fun" playing Lopez's love interest.

"I've always called her a quad threat. What does she not do? That girl works her backside off on everything. She does not just show up and wing it at all," he remembered. "She's like clockwork. Just hammers it and knocks it out."

Lopez responded on Twitter shortly thereafter: "Let's do it again soon!"

The on-screen couple's love lives on via social media for now, though Ellis also told EW there were several plans to continue their complicated story well beyond the happy ending the film gave them 19 years ago.

Initially intended to play out as a trilogy (and a TV series), Ellis' Wedding Planner series (written with Pamela Falk) would've continued with a sequel following Mary and her best friend, Penny (Judy Greer), planning the couple's nuptials.

“She’d become a bridezilla,” Ellis said of Mary’s intended evolution, which would “destroy” her friendship with Penny. “There’d be some grit to it…they realize that in the first movie maybe they weren’t looking at each other realistically. There were some interesting romantic questions there.”

Sometime after the third film, a pregnant Mary and Steve would separate, though the planning of their daughter's wedding would bring them back together. He also revealed plans for a Love Boat-style TV series that would have followed Mary planning a new wedding during each episode, which ABC bought a single-camera pilot for in 2006, though the project never moved beyond that.

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