From carrying a watermelon to "Watermelon Sugar."
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Jennifer Grey wants Dirty Dancing's Baby to go from carrying a watermelon to getting a little, ahem, watermelon sugar.

During an appearance on Thursday's Drew Barrymore Show, the 62-year-old actress confirmed to the (always) screaming host that there is, in fact, a Dirty Dancing sequel on the way — and that Frances "Baby" Houseman will be back at Kellerman's in it.

Grey also assured Barrymore that the upcoming film will have "dancing," "music," and "sex" — and then posed this very important question: "Who do you think should be the next inappropriate match for Baby?" (Quick reminder: In the film, Baby is about 18 years old, while Patrick Swayze's character — swoony dance teacher Johnny Castle — is 24.)

After a second of confused silence from Barrymore, Grey announced her pick: "What about Shmarry Shmiles?"

When the host still wasn't picking up what Grey was putting down, she spelled it out for her a bit further: "Somebody who rhymes with Shmarry Shmiles." More confused silence, and then Barrymore's brain light finally switched back on: "HARRY STYLES! YES!" she screeched, as the crowd cheered with approval.

Look, it's not a totally crazy idea. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter continues to build his acting résumé, having most recently turned up in his girlfriend Olivia Wilde's forthcoming thriller Don't Worry Darling. And Styles does like to bust a move on stage. Let Baby have her boy toy, dang it!

During her interview with Barrymore, Grey also recalled filming Dirty Dancing's climatic move — the Lift — and how terrified she was. "I did not do it until the day we shot it," she said. "I refused. I literally was too scared... and I basically just couldn't do it. I couldn't make myself until the day when all the people were watching, and then I had to do it."

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