Garner's new Netflix film sees her unable to say no to chaotic kids' demands.

By Joey Nolfi
February 10, 2021 at 11:57 AM EST

It's ridiculously difficult to say no to the infectious joy of Jennifer Garner weathering chaos in the first trailer for Yes Day.

Garner produces and leads the Miguel Arteta-directed Netflix film with Édgar Ramírez as a no-nonsense couple, Allison and Carlos, who consistently deny their children of life's wild pleasures until they decided to give their kiddie trio a "yes day" — a 24-hour stretch where the kids make the rules.

Throughout the course of the hectic day, the adults must say yes to the children's ridiculous requests, no matter how bonkers they might seem. Their whirlwind journey around Los Angeles ultimately brings them closer together, despite testing the adults' sanity.

"All of this started because I've done 'yes days' with my kids since my middle daughter was young. She loved that book so much!" Garner previously told EW. "One day, she asked me if we could have a yes day and that it's all she wanted for Christmas and I agreed. It was before the trend really caught on. We started the tradition about eight or nine years ago and we've been doing them ever since."

Yes Day — also starring Jenna Ortega, Julian Lerner, Everly Carganilla, H.E.R., Nat Faxon, Molly Sims, Fortune Feimster, and Arturo Castro — premieres March 12 on Netflix, as part of the streamer's ongoing initiative to release at least one new movie every week for the rest of 2021. Watch the first trailer above.

(Video courtesy of Netflix)

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