A beach, a sunset, and some Sandman finger-dancin'.

Murder Mystery (2019 Movie)

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are having a bloody good time on the set of the sequel to their hit 2019 Netflix comedy, Murder Mystery.

The two stars shared a photo of themselves looking sun-kissed, hydrated, and well-rested with an Aniston-penned caption: "Back to work with my buddy."

They also shared a little behind-the-scenes video, set to the tune of New Order's timeless 1986 banger "Bizarre Love Triangle," that includes a bit of Sandler doing a little ditty with his digits.

"Oh booo that looks like a depressing set!" wrote Yellowjackets star Juliette Lewis. "JK, jealous. Sending you both so much love."

Jennifer Garner commented that this was the "best news ever" while Molly Shannon one-upped her with a "best duo ever."

Despite receiving mixed to just-not-good reviews (EW's review likened the movie to "100 minutes of zero-gravity Netflixing you can swig down like boxed Prosecco, and never have to think of again") — the original Murder Mystery was the most popular title on Netflix in 2019, besting even the streamer's flagship series Stranger Things. It also picked up a People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedic Movie.

For the sequel, Aniston and Sandler reprise their roles as Audrey and Nick Spitz, a married couple with a penchant for bumbling into a criminal investigation. Other than that, plot details are scarce. Though the first mysterious murder happened aboard a billionaire's yacht, the intrigue seems to have moved to a more tropical locale, with filming taking place in Hawaii.

Jodie Turner-Smith, Mark Strong, Annie Mumolo, Tony Goldwyn, Mélanie Laurent, Kuhoo Verma, Enrique Arce, and Zurin Villanueva are joining in on the whodunit hijinks, with James Vanderbilt returning as screenwriter and James Garelick taking over as director.

While there's no release date as of yet for Murder Mystery 2, it'll most likely join the slate of movies coming to Netflix this year, including two other Sandler projects, Hustle and Spaceman.

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Murder Mystery (2019 Movie)
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