Maybe it's quaran-brain, or maybe Warner Bros. should make these pics their official Dune promo.


According to reports, we'll be getting a full-on trailer next month for the upcoming Dune movie. But for now, we'll happily accept these photos of a shirtless Jason Momoa — all wet and rolling around in the dirt.

Credit: Chiabella James/Warner Bros.

The actor posted a series of photos to his Instagram this week showing himself getting hosed down after getting all muddy for what looks like some kind of photo shoot. For the record, it doesn't look like it has anything to do with Dune, other than the fact that he's posing next to a dune buggy. But Momoa dropped a plug for the movie in his Instagram photo description.

"like a pig in shit. hard to explain this one. but i had an amazing day," Momoa wrote. "now i need a dune buggy. dune coming soon aloha j. @schaeffersgarmenthotel dirty pink."

If the Dune trailer is anything like this — and by that, we mean just 90 seconds of Momoa getting hosed down — this movie would probably jump to everyone's most-anticipated films list.

Now that we think about it, the Dune cast is quite the attractive ensemble: Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Hall, Josh Brolin, Zendaya (or as Leslie Jones pronounces the name, Zendaaaaayaaaa!), Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem. Hopefully, the Warner Bros. marketing team is taking notice of Momoa's efforts.

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