If she gets the role, the actress thinks her casting would "blow people's minds."

Jamie Lee Curtis may be the ultimate Scream Queen, but she's not a fan of horror movies.

The actress recently revealed to EW how a certain film about demonic possession terrified her as a teenager.

"I'm brave, but I am afraid of scary things," she confessed. "When I was 15, my parents [legendary actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis] screened The Exorcist and my friends teased me the next day because I was so freaked out. I loathe being scared by scary movies."

Of course, Curtis' dislike for viewing terrifying flicks has not stopped her from starring in many genre films, from John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic Halloween, through The Fog and Prom Night, to David Gordon Green's just-released Halloween Kills. Now, she's got her eye on playing a role in Green's upcoming trilogy of Exorcist movies, whose cast will include Leslie Odom Jr. and Ellen Burstyn. Specifically, Curtis wants to portray the demon which possessed Linda Blair's Regan in William Friedkin's original 1973 movie and was voiced by Oscar-winning actress Mercedes McCambridge.

"Maybe I should be the voice of the devil like Mercedes McCambridge," said Curtis. "You see, if David gives me a part in the new Exorcist trilogy as the voice of the devil, then it is a full-circle return for me, in a meta way. That would blow people's minds."

On the set of The Exorcist- Linda Blair
Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist.'
| Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

When EW caught up with Green just before the release of Halloween Kills, we asked him if Curtis had mentioned the idea to the director.

"Ooh, she has not!" the filmmaker exclaimed. "I'll have to get her to audition for that one. You know, she did the crying baby for the last Halloween movie, so she's a talented voice actor as well."

Watch the trailer for Halloween Kills above.

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